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M2 Water-Cooled machine gun kit. Manufactured by: COLT, High Standard & the Frigidaire Division of General Motors. Parts Include: Water Jacket, Barrel, Drain Assembly, Muzzle Gland Assembly, Muzzle Lock Assembly, Steam Condensing Tube Assembly, Hose Fittings, Hose Fitting Caps, Quick Disconnect Hose Adapter, Water Hose (Original Quick Disconnect Condenser Can Style), Canvas Hose Case, M3 Water Pump, Front Sight, Bronze Thread Protector, Muzzle Gland Wrench, Manual. We are including the “Tora Tora” AA replacement spider sight, in case you want to build the “Tora Tora” sight. Most parts are new and unissued WWII original parts, including an unissued M3 water pump. Some assembly required! US GI, Excellent Condition.

BROWNING M2 Receiver Parts Kit Available for this kit. NOTE: All BATFE rules apply.

M3AA “Tora Tora” Mount and Sight available for this kit.

This kit can be used with your registered full auto sideplate and will easily triple the value of your sideplate. Available to semi-auto builders!